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Low Cost Portable Storage Containers in Greenville, NC

You've come to the right place if you are looking for a low cost portable storage container in Greenville, North Carolina. Whether you are looking to rent portable storage in Greenville for a few months, or you are interested in leasing a portable storage unit in Greenville for a few years, Portable Storage Direct is your best bet. With a large selection of Greenville portable storage units to choose from, and the lowest priced portable storage in Greenville, it's no wonder customers keep raving about PortableStorageDirect.com. Customers come to PortableStorageDirect.com for the lowest prices on portable storage in Greenville, and they come back for the exceptional customer service.

Your Top Choice for Greenville Portable Storage Units & Containers

PortableStorageDirect.com stands out from the pack and continuously delivers high quality, affordable portable storage throughout Greenville, NC. There are tons of reasons for Greenville portable storage customers to choose Portable Storage Direct, here are just a few top reasons:

  • A Vast Selection of Portable Storage in Greenville, NC
  • The Lowest Prices on Greenville Portable Storage Units
  • Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

How Much Does a Portable Storage Container Rental Cost in Greenville, NC?

A steel portable storage container rental in Greenville costs between $95 to $165. Pricing depends on the exact size and features that you need. Long term rentals usually have lower monthly rates.

What Size Mobile Storage Containers Are Available in Greenville?

There's tons of different sized portable storage containers to choose from in Greenville, including 10 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft, and 48 ft.

Are you ready to get a portable storage container in Greenville delivered to your home or office today? Request a quote right now to see how much you can save on a portable storage unit rental in Greenville with Portable Storage Direct right now!

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