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About Portable Storage Direct

Portable Storage Direct was created in 2011 after two brothers Richard and Charles Kelley spent days searching for portable storage in Minneapolis. Richard and Charles couldn't believe how difficult it was to find pricing on various types of portable storage in their area. In their search for portable storage, they realized that there needed to be a more simple solution. Portable Storage Direct was created to make it easy for customers to quickly find the top portable storage companies and solutions in their area. Today there are more than 500 portable storage partners listed on PortableStorageDirect.com and our network is growing each and every day. We're always working to make it easier to find and save on portable storage throughout the United States.

Portable Storage Direct Quick Facts

  • Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN
  • 15 Employees
  • Millions of Yearly Page Views
  • Established in 2012
  • More Than 500 Partners Listed

Here at PortableStorageDirect.com we love to hear from our visitors. Please contact us with any suggestions or feedback, we're always looking for ideas to help make our site a better resource for portable storage.